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Hello deviant art world journal blog online realm of things.

There, we're off to a good start now, aren't we?

I've long watched this website. I have long arrived at it's shores from the sea of information by hunting and gathering various art and icon.

At last, I have made a profile and will upload my own work.

I would love to be considered a professional at this. I just don't know what that means. I see most people that have jobs being paid to be creative and I wonder, how did you get there? I am creative. I can throw a hundred ideas at you a minute for any given story line. Maybe seventy out of that one hundred are utter shite, but a 30% epic ratio is actually pretty good as far as I can tell. I can literally take a walk around a apartment building back yard full or sticks, leaves in various states of decay, and a dumpster full of cardboard and fabric on old sofas, and with a few buckets of bleach and a couple art supplies I will make something beautiful. It's just a matter of putting the items back into their harmonious state with each other.

I don't really have any professional training so to speak. This will, however, be a professional exercise in run on sentences and thinking in a sardonic way. Rest assured, I'm actually a totally affable guy. In regard to professional training, if professional training is an expensive art school then no I do not have any training. If training is making flyers for small concerts and designing crappy shirts for my once crappy band in highschool, and then playing said shows, then yes, I have some training. If professional training is shooting and editing your own short films, or creating your own pipeline with really talented illustrators to illustrate the short graphic novels and comic scripts you've toiled over, then outsourcing lettering with networking or doing it yourself, then yes. I have some training. If touring DIY across the US of A and Canada putting all your time money and self into music and living as an artist until you get picked up by a label in your early twenties followed by touring even harder then before is formal training, then yes, I have a quite a handful. If you work with every avenue to succeed while fighting to stay relevant and "cool" only to have your label fold, the former heads buy a couple new beamers, and then you decide that you'd rather be writing comic books anyway is considered professional training.. then yes, haha, I have some formal professional training. I just don't have any formal, paid history of work.

So I wonder, how do people wind up professional at this kind of thing? Being an artist. Being creative. Or perhaps more accurately so, paying the bills doing so. I hope that through people commenting on my work, and giving me hell, and helping me back up again, I will find an answer to that question.

Or at the very least shine some light on the foot step just in front of me that is about to fall so that I know I am still moving forward. I love being creative. It's all I really know. Let's help each other become stronger at what we love!
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Chris H.
United States
I am a professional creative.

I would love to narrow it down more but I am not sure how. I am always looking for a guide, a mentor, a scholar who can show me the path a bit more then I currently know it.

I teach myself how to do all of the things you see. I have about a year of college under my belt from around ten years ago. I was not doing well. I was touring at the same time, relentlessly promoting my own projects and touring cross country. I was picked up by a label. I bailed on school. Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, they say.

Now, eight years have zipped by. I feel like I am behind. Looking to catch up, to LEARN LEARN LEARN. But a humble student! Comment, please. Critique, please. I am looking for those more experienced to help me to grow. Knock me down, but help me back up.

I think my strengths are in story. I can find the heart of the matter with ideas. Just working on improving on the creation of the images now. A lot of what goes up on here is just me having fun messing around. I'll put up whatever I can that seems relevant I guess.

Pretty certain I would be really great at concepts and story lines for video games and film. I make a decent editor / sounding board for lots of peoples ideas. I improve them usually in terms of both structure and clarity of vision, one of the few things I am not super insecure about saying. I'm good at it though, and thus its fun!

I also write graphic novels, network to find artists, inkers, letters, the link. I create pipelines. Often they are informal, have loose time frames because I can't bend arms over work done for the love of the creation. But the results are above par. I don't make zine type strips. I write graphic novels. Mainly shorts at the moment. Website UC to show them to you.

I make art from scratch, or I ruthlessly hunt down public domain meat and I freak it out. I can create anything needed with a hot glue gun, cardboard, an exacto knife and paint. Truly. I built an entire lit city with streets and garbage cans, a car crash with broken windshield and the like, with miniatures people rocking buttons as heads.

I can and do easily take the items I find in the "backyard" of my apartment complex and make them into mixed media gold.

I love tattoos. I have a handful, but I am hardly what you would call covered. You can't actually see any of them when I am wearing clothing. I prefer traditional style tattoo work. I even did some of my own tattoo on my leg under the supervision of two trained pros. That was my first dip. I might pursue that path farther at some point in my life. Maybe ten years, maybe twenty. Maybe two years if the magic of momentum swings.

I have shot and edited my own short films, live tour footage vids, and more with FCP Prod suite.

I want to make comics, to tell huge stories. I've got a few fantastic ones right now going on, and I am always always always looking for intelligent, insightful commentary and collaboration.

I dared myself to start 70% of this self description with the letter "I" in each paragraph without sounding either idiotic of like an asshole, and I pulled it off about 30% in terms of the idiotic asshole part. In celebration of my victory, someone should buy me an M&M. Singular.

Let's help each other leg up. I want in the club because I love art and comics!

Current Residence: Hllywd
Operating System: MacBook Pro

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